Wednesday, May 13, 2009


National Competency-Based Teacher Standards
The Philippine NCBTS has defined what Effective Teaching is. It has clearly stated the strategic and indespensable role of the Techer in the learning process of the students.

7 Domains:
1. Social Regard for Learning
2. Learning Environment
3. Diversity of Learners
4. Curriculum
5. Planning, Assessing, reporting
6. Community Linkages
7. Personal growth and Professionalism

TSNA - Teacher Strength and Needs Assessment

Research says:
- lack of regional and division structure for effective teacher training
- lack of systematic TNA Processes
- attributed to not having accurate iinformation on TNA
- INSET content generally not TSNA-based
- content of training had become repetitive and found them a waste of time
- topics aree not suited to the grade/yearl leevel

TSNA - determination of the differences between the actual condition (what is) and what shouold be (standard)

Teacher Strengths and Training Needs Analysis:
Phase 1 - Job Analysis for Effective teaching
Phase 2 - Tecaher-Trainee Analysis - Instrumentation, Data Gathering
Phase 3 - Difference Analaysis - TSNA Data
Knowledge - appropriate technques
Attitude - respect and concern

The GOOD News:
The NCBTS TNA Tool - anchored on the NCBTS
- manual version
- electronic version

Code for Comppetency Level
L - Low
F - Fair
S - Satisfactory
H - High

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